• “While writing I must compliment your team on the job they did. They were all very courteous and very professional, looking the part and very nice people to deal with.”

    Mr W, Private Client – London Protection Team (October 2015)
  • “We have dealt with SIP Services International Limited and its representative Mr Kenneth Lodge since 2011. During that time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of forensic investigation and intelligence gathering. Their work had been a major factor in our success in recovering the shares lost in the illegal “raider attack” in Moldova, helping us to recover the loss of several millions EUR. In that particular case, SIP Services International Limited had undertaken extensive investigations and intelligence gathering in relation of individuals behind raider attacks as well as the complex infrastructure of offshore entities falsified documentation and corrupt officials. In other cases they have provided us with due diligence on individuals and companies in various countries. The services SIP Services International Limited has always been extremely professional and of excellent expertise.

    We can confidently recommend SIP Services International Limited as a solid and reliable service providers and experts in their field.”

    Investment Funding Company, Netherlands (September 2014)
  • “I have known and have been working with SIP for over 6 years.

    I have always found SIP to be professional, efficient, expeditious and thorough.
    The type of cases that SIP have undertaken with me since I have known them include:

    Evidence analysis, Mobile Phone cell forensics and investigations in relation to a criminal defence case where a client, as owner of a bonded warehouse had been charged in relation to the illegal importation of in excess of 20 kilos of cocaine and other contraband. The client was greatly assisted by various SIP team members who conducted exhaustive investigations gave evidence in Court in that case.

    A high net worth Divorce proceedings where Ken Lodge advised the legal team in relation to evidence and case tactics. He and the SIP team dealt with the analysis of evidence, worldwide asset tracing, forensic accounting, IT
    Forensics and surveillance. That case was also successful resulting in a multimillion pound Court Order in favour of the client.

    General trace investigations and surveillance of numerous individuals.”

    Law Firm, London 1 (September 2014)
  • “In my dealings with Mr Lodge through his subsidiary companies that over the many years that I have dealt with him and his staff, he has been very professional and most reliable.

    Mr Lodge has provided services for investigations, service of court papers and other documents, taking witness statements and tracing individuals.

    The work that he has undertaken for my firm has been carried out in a very professional manner and to my satisfaction.”

    Law Firm, London 2 (September 2014)
  • “I have utilized the services of SIP Services International Limited over a period of several years.

    During the above period we have had several confidential cases, where we needed complex investigations, due diligence, research and IT Forensics which covered several jurisdictions.

    That for all these requirements, I engaged the services of SIP. Ken Lodge directed all the operational matters and we found him and his team to be extremely professional and efficient.

    Not only did Ken Lodge deal with the operational matters, he was also engaged as a legal team member in relation to case tactics and acted as the negotiator with the opposing parties involved in the above confidential cases in order to bring the cases to satisfactory conclusion.

    My clients have also been very impressed by Ken Lodge in the way he dealt with their cases. In fact I would say that he has provided exceptional services that went beyond my expectations of any research agency.”

    Law Firm, Monaco (September 2014)
  • “Mr Lodge through the above-named company has provided services to us over a period of two years. He has provided advice and assistance in relation to various investigations we are conducting and which are as follows:

    1. Full-scale investigation into a fraud committed against one of our clients from a foreign jurisdiction, by locating various individuals and companies who have been involved in the fraud.

    2. Assisting us with evidence analysis and investigation in respect of an appeal against a client’s conviction for murder which is currently ongoing.

    3. Cyber security testing which included IT Forensics and covert security for our company.

    4. Counter surveillance assistance including wireless network penetrating testing and ID security for a prominent client.

    5. Internet reputation management for clients.

    In all instances the service that has been provided has been to a high professional standard and we have recommended his services to other companies within the sector.

    The organisation has an extremely competent administration team and we have been very impressed with the response times on all matters. In summary, we have been very impressed by the work carried out by SIP and will continue to use Mr Lodge and the company services in the coming months.

    Finally, I can confirm that SIP are the only approved investigation companyused by this practice.”

    Criminal Law Firm, London 3 (September 2014)
  • “We are both partners at the international law firm xxxxxx and we have had the pleasure of working with Mr Kenneth Lodge from SIP Services International on a very delicate case for a client.

    The client was extorted by a third party who threatened to publicly disclose information regarding the client’s private life. If that information – true or false – had become public, it would have seriously damages the client’s

    After SIP successfully traced the location of the person issuing the threats and identified an accomplice, we devised – together with Mr Lodge – the legal strategy to follow, i.e.:

    ‐ Obtaining on an ex parte basis a gagging order which would prohibit the adverse parties to disclose the information;

    -­ And thereafter enter into a settlement agreement with the adverse parties including the transfer to us of the devices of the adverse parties which potentially contained information related to the client’s private life.

    Mr Lodge provided valuable input when we drafted the legal documents (petition for gagging order and settlement agreement) and it was him who took the lead in the negotiations for the agreement.

    The end result was that a settlement agreement was signed on terms which are very favourable to our client and that pursuant to the agreement, the adverse parties transferred to us all their computers, mobile devices, etc.

    SIP completed IT forensics on these devices and this provided us with undisputed evidence, which could support a conviction in the event of a criminal prosecution at a later date.

    For the reasons set out above we highly recommend Mr Kenneth Lodge and his expert team from SIP.”

    International Law Firm Highly Ranked in Legal500 (September 2014)
  • “First of all I would like to express my gratitude for your priceless help. I appreciate your high professionalism, responsibility and decency, and I am honoured being able to communicate with you.”

    Ms G – Private Client (October 2013)
  • “We have been instructing SIP Services International Ltd since the year 2010.

    We have always dealt with Ken Lodge the MD and find that he is very discreet, professional and efficient. He always provides comprehensive reports, which have been found to be invaluable in many instances when it comes to making ultimate decisions with regard to the matter in question.

    The service SIP provides for us is Due diligence and Asset Tracing, for the following purposes:

    a) Verification as to the legitimacy investors, as to their wealth, and criminal involvement, business interest, general background, etc.

    b) Check for pre-acquisition of a company including, trading, competitors, business reputation, management, assets, legal actions including any

    criminal activity, registration with professional bodies, watch list, etc.

    These investigations have been undertaken internationally including Russia.”

    Wealth Management Company, Switzerland (July 2013)
  • “Our company for compliance purposes, instruct SIP Services InternationalLtd to conduct due diligence on various individuals and companies worldwide.

    This is in respect of either the bona fide identity of potential investors, as well as the origins of their wealth, any criminal background and general status, or in relation to the acquisition of a company, when we require a comprehensive report on the trading, reputation, assets, legal proceedings and information on key personnel.

    We have been using services of SIP for over two years and find that they are extremely professional and efficient in the services they provide.

    We have found the company’s principal, Mr Ken Lodge to be very discreet,prompt and professional to deal with.”

    Asset Management Company, British Virgin Islands (June 2013)