Surveillance Teams and Equipment

SIP has been specialising in covert surveillance since it was established in 1983 and as a result has vast experience in dealing with the unexpected. SIP has undertaken major complex international covert surveillance operations that on many occasions have been in hostile environments. SIP’s surveillance teams have been hand selected, then trained in-house and a number of the operatives are ex-military, ex-government agency or ex-police. They operate in all fields of commercial, criminal, insurance, matrimonial, counter terrorism, counterfeiting, etc. SIP surveillance teams are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment to ensure they capture the images that are relevant to the case. SIP surveillance teams operate in all jurisdictions and frequently follow individuals from one country to another. When clients instruct SIP for surveillance they can be assured they are getting a service of the highest calibre and results that they can rely on.

SIP surveillance teams travel worldwide on their assignments, as local agencies cannot always be relied upon to conduct the surveillance as efficiently and effectively as SIP’s own teams, unless they are supervised or directed during an assignment. SIP’s past experience in instructing local agents on behalf of a client supports this argument and by using SIP surveillance operatives overseas SIP continues to produce positive results. SIP has contacts worldwide and on overseas surveillance assignments where there is a necessity for local knowledge or pretext enquiries need to be made, SIP uses overseas contacts to assist but ensures that he/she is fully briefed and directed to complete the objective.

SIP’s objectives for any surveillance are:-

  • To establish the lifestyle and identify the daily movements of an individual relating to their personal, business or criminal activities.
  • To secure good covert images of their activities and of the persons they meet for future identification purposes.
  • Where possible to install covert devices to capture audio or video evidence in fixed public locations such as hotels, restaurants, airports, car parks and other regular meeting places as may be applicable.
  • To provide the client with regularly updates, if required, during the course of the operation so that they are fully aware of the facts at that time and further recommendations will be suggested as may be considered appropriate.
  • To submit a comprehensive surveillance report in legally presentable format admissible in any court proceedings. The report itself will include the still images for ease of reference although a data storage device can be provided to the client, or produced as evidence if required, which will have an edited time and date stamped video, of any activity captured from our hi-definition covert recording devices.
  • To liaise with the Police, Customs and/or other authorities on behalf of the client if there is a need to do so.

SIP surveillance teams always operate in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998, the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life (Article 8.1), Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, chapter 40.

With the threat of losing sensitive information, the theft of equipment, manufactured products, employee’s personal effects, or establishing illicit activities of members of staff, drugs in the work place, corruption, stalking, etc. then an SIP undercover operative is the answer.

Placing an SIP undercover operative into a workforce is one of the most efficient & cost effective means for an employer to investigate these potential issues. The information provided by the undercover operative is corroborated by employee interviews, covert recordings, etc. This provides the employer with sufficient evidence to support a dismissal and subsequent litigation or criminal prosecution as may be applicable. In addition it provides management with an understanding of how these events took place to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

An SIP undercover operative posing as a regular company employee or a company contract employee can greatly assist in identifying and isolating any existing exposure to loss. Substantial expenditures relating to the general operations of the business, control, and administration are justified only if the standards of work or manufacture are maintained. This loss preventive potential can be audited through undercover operations and other methods, without this, on-going investment in some areas of your business, may be wasted.

SIP undercover operatives are also an invaluable source of information regarding weak links within the security network and can provide information as to whether or not security protocols are being maintained, thereby ensuring that your security is operating effectively. In many cases SIP undercover operatives are infiltrated into actual security operations, while they perform standard security officer duties. They are also utilised to ensure the integrity of the security officers by reporting on potential collusion between security officers and criminal elements as may be applicable.

SIP is in a position to provide a vast amount of information that would not otherwise be available to higher-level management.

SIP can supply and install covert surveillance cameras and microphones in a client’s premises for security or investigation purposes. When installed the covert devices are hardly detectable and produce exceptional quality pictures and studio quality audio. The systems are state of the art and can be accessed via the Internet.