General, Matrimonial & Domestic Investigations

SIP, having been established since 1983, has extensive experience in all avenues of investigation; the variations of which are substantial and too comprehensive to list. Therefore we have selected a list of services below that are most commonly used. However as this is not comprehensive if you have an investigation matter that is not stated then please still contact us, as we will be happy to avail our services to you.

SIP, has been specialising in assisting clients worldwide, to trace and identify assets related to third parties or entities. Once identified SIP then works with the client’s legal team to freeze and recover both, the financial and physical assets, as may be applicable. SIP’s clients for these services include private individuals, small businesses, international law firms, multinational corporations, banks and other financial institutions, etc.

SIP has extensive global information resources. In addition to the international databases it subscribes to, SIP has an advantage over its competitors by having its own ‘bespoke intelligent investigative software’ for open source research. This intelligent investigative software is capable of trawling the worldwide web, covering over 2,000 search engines, and can search in all languages including, but not limited to, Chinese, Arabic etc. It allows the creation of selective keywords or phrase dictionary applicable to the information sought, it analyses the data gathered and is a valuable tool in the tracing of assets belonging to individuals or companies who are seeking to conceal them from third parties due to fraudulent activities, disputes, arbitration, and/or litigation matters.

Fraudsters and other parties, for whatever reason, are using ever more complex vehicles and jurisdictions to hide assets; potential losses for innocent parties are high. SIP has the experience and understanding of how these complex offshore structures are used to conceal assets and how international financial systems and markets work. So with the knowledge of SIP’s specialist investigators, forensic accountants and IT forensics who will be assigned to the case, the client can be assured that their case is being dealt with professionally and efficiently to maximise chances of recovery.

SIP has been involved in tracing assets worldwide for numerous cases, but two basic examples are the tracing of assets as a result of a $600million bank fraud and tracing assets in excess of £80million in a high-worth divorce settlement.

In cases where assets are traced in more than one legal jurisdiction, SIP works within a legal team framework and recommends ways in which interim relief may be granted in one jurisdiction (such as freezing, search and/or seize orders), then secured within another jurisdiction.

SIP offers a very personal approach in these matters as, in our experience, it can be very daunting and nerve racking for a spouse or partner to speak with an investigation company about the difficulties within a marriage or relationship. SIP fully understands this situation and SIP staff will be very patient and sympathetic to your problem and will assist in ensuring that you obtain the correct service you require with the least stress.

Many clients say “I feel guilty coming to an agency”. Rest assured you should not as at the end of the day it will give you peace of mind, so you can move forward with your life and choose the right path to future happiness.

SIP statistics show that in up to 98% of cases the client’s suspicions are correct when suspecting a cheating partner. However, where the party is innocent (based on evidence gathered by SIP that shows the spouse/partner was engaged in legitimate activities), it gives the client satisfaction to know their suspicions were unwarranted and therefore allows them the opportunity to reconcile their thoughts and continue their marriage or partnership. It is a ‘win win’ situation.

SIP operatives use state-of-the-art covert video and audio equipment and can deploy a mobile covert surveillance team at short notice in either cars, vans, motorcycles or even licensed taxis depending on the requirements of the case.

SIP aim to keep the client as calm as possible, so if required will regularly update the client on the events that occur during the course of the surveillance and make recommendations on any particular course of action, if applicable. On conclusion of the surveillance and/or any investigations, the client will receive a full written report detailing the dates and times of events, places, etc. supported by still images. If required a DVD/USB will be submitted with all still images and video recordings.

Of course, not all marital/partner matters entail surveillance on a spouse or partner, it could be surveillance and/or investigations relating to any of the following:

  • Tracing Assets & Business Activities for Maintenance Settlements
  • Child Custody
  • Child Abuse
  • Tracing ex-partner or family relatives
  • Concerns of Drug abuse
  • Nanny Cameras and background check

SIP will also liaise with your lawyer/solicitor to ensure that they are clear on all the facts and that they have all the documented evidence to support legal proceedings. If, at the time of instructing SIP, the client has no lawyer/solicitor then based on dealings with lawyers/solicitors SIP will be happy to recommend one that it’s believed would be best suited to the client’s circumstances.

SIP holds a very high success rate in tracing missing persons compared to many of its competitors.

SIP has worldwide contacts, subscribes to a number of large international databases and, more importantly, has what most of its competitors do not have, i.e. SIP‘s own ‘bespoke intelligent investigative software’ for ‘open source’ research. This intelligent investigative software is capable of trawling the worldwide web, covering over 2,000 search engines, including all languages, but not limited to, Chinese, Arabic etc. It allows the creation of selective keywords or phrase dictionary applicable to the person sought, it analyses the data gathered and is a valuable tool for tracing.

SIP has a network of known investigators worldwide to enable us to carry out follow-up investigations at any address for verification and our further in-depth enquiries. Over the years our success in tracing missing persons has meant our clients have:-

  • Been reunited with long lost family relatives and/or friends
  • Located and made contact with their birth parents for the first time
  • Located important witnesses and/or individuals involved in legal proceedings or other business related issues
  • Located debtors and, as a result, recovered monies owed to them
  • Located criminals who have tried to extort money from them, committed an act of fraud against them or caused them malice

SIP has been conducting trace investigations since 1983 and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that every effort is made to achieve a positive result for the client.

Individuals making fraudulent insurance claims are extensive and cost companies multimillions each year. SIP’s surveillance teams are experienced in obtaining photographic and video evidence to expose the false claims of injury, disability, etc. SIP also undertakes the securing of witness statements, photographs and plans of the locus quo, etc., relating to road traffic or industrial accidents