Criminal Investigations and Defense

SIP has represented numerous clients seeking to secure evidence for a prosecution case and defendants wrongly charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence. This required an analysis of the evidence against him/her, follow up investigations and forensics to be carried out to prove their innocence.

SIP, having a wealth of experience in both criminal investigations and defence cases, has a highly specialised team of criminal investigators and covert surveillance operatives who have dealt with many complex criminal cases worldwide. SIP gathers court-admissible evidence and works closely with the client and their legal representatives to ensure that every effort is made to secure the objective sought.

To demonstrate SIP’s capabilities, listed below are recent case examples where SIP’s criminal investigations achieved outstanding positive results. Had the clients instructed another investigation agency it is extremely unlikely that they would have had the same success:-

  • Two unrelated cases of extortion: one involving €12m, the other involving an interim payment of £1m with further future demands. In both cases as a result of cyber forensics, intelligence gathering and surveillance SIP identified the extortionists. Having secured evidence against them sufficient to secure a conviction that would result in a long-term prison sentence, the extortionists signed non-disclosure agreements and allowed our investigators to seize their computers, mobile phones and other recovered material, etc. This was all without any adverse publicity identifying the clients, so they protected their reputations whether the allegations were true or false.
  • SIP carried out extensive investigations and intelligence gathering in order to trace those behind ‘Raider Attacks’ which resulted in the misappropriation of shares of Moldavian Banks, etc. This involved establishing their identification as well as the complex infrastructure of offshore entities, falsified documentation and corrupt officials associated with the crime. The result of SIP’s investigation aided the client in recovering their shares and several million Euros.

Cybercrime is a specialist area of SIP due to the knowledge and background of its outstanding IT forensic team and the forensic software tools and programmes available to them. The SIP IT forensic team work closely with SIP’s trained field investigators and surveillance operatives to achieve the results sought. Two recent cases are listed below as examples:-

  • SIP mounted an intelligence and undercover operation to identify those involved in an international scam where the client was defrauded and amount in excess of US$500,000. The result was the successful arrest of several persons in Dubai who were then subsequently convicted.
  • A cybercrime attack into the client’s emails resulted in the fraudulent transfer of €800,000 from their account to a number of accounts controlled by the perpetrators. SIP identified the persons and entities behind the fraud, their location, etc. and some of the proceeds of the fraud. SIP’s report was passed to the Police. Some of the information gathered was also used as supportive evidence to pursue an action against a bank for its neglect in carrying out adequate due-diligence when the account was opened and subsequent ongoing due-diligence in relation to the immense change in the level of movement of monies in and out of the account or type of usual business activity.

There are many cases where SIP has acted for a client who has claimed that he/she has been falsely accused of a crime and or has been convicted of one and is seeking an appeal. Two example cases are below:-

  • The client was convicted in a murder case. He proclaimed his innocence and in support of his ‘Appeal’ SIP conducted a forensic and analytic evaluation of the prosecution evidence; arranged a reconstruction of the crime scene; traced former prosecution witnesses and identified further potential witnesses, etc.
  • SIP carried out analytic evaluation of the prosecution evidence and made follow up investigations after the arrest of the client. He was alleged to have been involved in import infringements of in excess of 20 Kilo of cocaine and other items. SIP’s evidence at Court aided the client in securing a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

SIP will be happy to discuss your case in order to advise on the best course of action. SIP’s involvement in criminal cases has resulted in very positive results for its clients that it is believed would not have been achieved without SIP’s input.