Phil Hards

Phil Hards has been working with SIP since 2008, he specialities include Criminal Investigation, Fraud, Intelligence and Security Reviews, Analysis of System Vulnerabilities, Computer Forensics.

Phil Hards is a member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Phil Hards started his career in the Metropolitan Police, which spanned 21 years, of which 11 years were as a fraud investigator. During this period he was involved in the investigation of a number prominent fraud cases, for which he was commended.

Today, Phil is considered as one of the leading authorities on system vulnerabilities, and has analysed criminal methodologies and techniques used by international hackers to penetrate and subvert systems. He has been responsible for the successful subversion of bespoke on-line finance systems.

During his Police career he was seconded to the Isle of Man Government and was part of a small team investigating money laundering and associated activities, including the case of the collapse of the Saving Investment Bank (SIB) the largest independent bank on the island at the time with losses in the region of £42m.

Phil’s final posting in October 1996, was as the Intelligence Officer at The Computer Crime Unit, New Scotland Yard, responsible for covert operations, during which time he analysed methodologies of computer crime.

Phil has provided a variety of IT security related services that includes but not limited to:-

  • Providing training to Investigators, within the Post Office in respect of computer forensic techniques.
  • Undertaking a research project on behalf of the Defence evaluation research agency (DERA) now QinetiQ entitled “Current best practice in responding to network based computer security incidents”, a significant element of which related to forensic analysis and production of evidence from the systems that had been the subject of attack.
  • Provided expert testimony in relation to the forensic analysis of computer systems in both the public and private sector.
  • Undertaken in excess of 2000 examinations for criminal prosecutions on behalf of UK government agencies.
  • Been responsible for both authoring and implementing IT security policy within the corporate environment.
  • Lectured on computer crime system vulnerabilities in closed sessions to a number of International Risk Security Forums.
  • Advised on the initial development of practices and procedures in relation to computer forensics, which have subsequently been absorbed into ACPO guidelines.