Ken Lodge

Ken Lodge, CEO and founder of SIP (which was incorporated in the UK in 1983), has decades of experience in all the services currently covered by SIP He has worked on assignments in conjunction with Government Agencies, Police and Law Enforcement Departments in the UK and overseas.
He is a member of the professional bodies: Institute of Professional Investigators, Association of British Investigators, ASIS International, World Association of Professional Investigators, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Institute of Directors and others.

  • Ken is experienced in dealing with all international assignments having worked throughout USA, Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia, etc.
  • Within the last few years he has directed operations in a number of major cases including, but not limited to:-
    Two unrelated cases of extortion one involving €12m the other £1m. In both cases as a result of cyber forensics, intelligence gathering and subsequent surveillance SIP identified the extortionists: having secured evidence against them sufficient to secure a conviction that would result in a long-term prison sentence, seized their computers, mobile phones and recovered material, etc. without any adverse publicity identifying the clients.
  • Extensive investigations and intelligence gathering in relation to those behind ‘Raider Attacks’ that resulted in the misappropriation of shares of Moldavian Banks etc. This involved establishing their identification as well as their complex infrastructure of offshore entities, falsified documentation and corrupt officials associated with the crime. The result of SIP’s investigation aided the client in recovering their shares and several million Euros.
  • Mounting an intelligence and undercover operation to identify those involved in an international scam where the client was defrauded in excess of US$500,000. This resulted in the successful arrest of several persons in Dubai who were then subsequently convicted.
  • Investigating a Cybercrime attack using the client’s emails resulted in the fraudulent transfer of €800,000 from their account to a number of accounts controlled by the perpetrators. SIP’s investigations and intelligence gathering identified the persons and entities behind the fraud, their location, etc. SIP’s report was passed to the Police and some of the information gathered was also used as supportive evidence to pursue an action against a bank for it’s neglect in carrying out adequate due-diligence when the account was opened and subsequent ongoing due-diligence in relation to the immense change in the level of movement of monies in and out of the account and type of business activity.

Historically, in 1998 Ken was involved in the investigation and the tracing of assets as a result of Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko defrauding a bank in the Middle East of US$260m.
Due to the knowledge that Ken has gained from his experiences, he is frequently working as a ‘Legal Team Member’ with law firms, where he specialises in the Forensic Analysis of Documented Evidence in High Value Matrimonial, Commercial and Criminal Proceedings, as well engaging in case management tactics, etc.
He has received much gratitude and acknowledgment of his professionalism over the years, not only from clients but also their Lawyers, Legal Counsel & High Court Judges. It is his policy to establish long-term relationships with SIP’s clients ensuring confidentiality, loyalty and professionalism so that they receive the best possible service in resolving their issues to a satisfactory conclusion.